Thursday, November 29, 2007

YellowStone Cedes to snowmobilers

We gave these people the South and now they want Yellowstone too. Yellowstone National Park recently caved into pressure to allow 540 snowmobiles per day to enter the park this winter. According to Mike Synder of the park service this decision is fully supported by science and is the right choice for the park; well that is the biggest load of bs I've heard today! This guy must work for Bush. The whole reason we have national parks and wilderness areas is for conservation reasons; to preserve the natural beauty of America. Not to disturb the wildlife and pollute the hell out of the place! Economic reasons should not get in the way of the original reasons for the creation of these treasured areas.
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Sara said...

But, darlin', we ain't got none of tha' cold, white stuff down this'a way. We gots to come up NORTH for that and with us comes gas guzzlin' SUV's, fried twinkies and large ladies (the bigger the better on all accounts).

Okay - seriously, I'm offended that a place of such pristine nature would allow in something so offensive. There are very few vehicles that cause more noise pollution or disrupt the pristine winter enviroment more that a snowmobile.